The Lit Nerd’s Summer Reading: Zombies, zombies everywhere…

Admitedly, I love a good scare. When it comes to zombies, I am a bit wary, though. Lately, the zombie fad has overwhelmed media and I become anxious when I find out there is another film/book/television show devoted to these undead flesheaters. Still, I have been eyeballing Max Brook’s World War Z (2006) for some time now, and since the release date for the film is upon us (June 21, in a theatre near you), I have decided it’s about time for me to pick up the original text and see what it’s all about. I am intrigued by the way in which the book is laid out. A fictional oral history that follows up Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide (2003), the story is written in almost diary-like entries. Although I am initially curious about the book, I am not optimistic about my ability to stay engaged simply because it is a book about zombies. The post-modern format and potential lack of plot already has me disengaged from the whole reading process. I suppose if Brad Pitt can get onboard for the upcoming film, I can overcome my zombie-prejudice and try to enjoy reading about the zombie apocalypse like a normal person. Here’s to hoping I can get over my need for neatly laid-out chapters, easy to relate to characters and simply enjoy the death and destruction of all mankind.

World War Z, Max Brooks


Tune in next week– same bat time, same bat blog –for more of the Lit Nerd’s Summer Reading…


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