Geek Chic: Star Wars Fans Do It With Force

George Lucas began the Star Wars franchise in 1977 and the films have been nerdom royalty ever since. Fans of the stories represent favorite characters through cosplay, geek-shirts and creative accessorizing that borders on absurd. This isn’t a franchise that is hard to find in the stores. A Star Wars fan is a “legitimate nerd” in the world of geekdom, and if you love the gear, feel free to sport it in the office, at home and on the streets with pride.

This is so bad it's good.
This is so bad it’s good.

The franchise has been actively creative for over 30 years and Star Wars fans are all ages, genders and nationalities with a wide variety of taste and talent. Some of the best and most reasonably priced geek gear can be found on, where artists and novices go to sell their wares. My favorite pieces are created by and for the eclectic fan base such as these crochet light sabers, Obiwan onesies for babies, and “may the Force be with you” wedding garters as well as numerous unique high art pieces to display at home or even in the office.

 Star Wars  Vintage movie paper minimalist poster, $120.
Star Wars Vintage movie paper minimalist poster, FashionArtStudio $120.

If homemade and handmade is not for you, visit the interest page for Star Wars and find Star Wars gear like the Star Wars Wumpa Rug, tie clips, money clips and cuff links for business wear, and this really cool R2-D2 folding chair that I think I want to buy for my next family camping trip.

R2D2 folding chair, $40.
R2D2 folding chair, Think Geek $40.

With the Lego Star Wars building the under 10 and plastic audience, the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network reminding kids how awesome Boba Fett really is and the recent purchase of LucasFilms by Disney, the franchise is pretty much guaranteed a long and successful run in the nerd-verse. If Star Wars is your favorite fandom, why not support your local Jedi and let the universe know which side of the force you are on?

I just really wanted to include this picture. Enjoy.
I just really wanted to include this picture. Enjoy.


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