The Lit Nerd’s Summer Reading: Sookeh is over it.

Dead Ever After, Charlaine Harris

Don’t judge me. I was glamoured by the HBO series, True Blood a few years back, and regardless of friends who assured me that these brain fodder texts were fun reads, I refused to partake. Until I sat down with the first in the series of 13. The next thing I new, the summer of 2011 had passed me by and I’d somehow read all 12 of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Ms. Harris may not have the poetics of Hemingway, but she sure does know how to write a sexy redneck vampire scene. For the record, I ship Eric and Sookie all day long and so does Ms. Harris. Her Sookie is sweeter and perhaps a mite smarter than Anna Paquin’s, but I do love both fairly equally and will miss the feisty, sexy blonde who stumbles upon love, Southern vampire style. Supposedly the last book in the Sookie Stackhouse series, I will miss these fun reads and hope HBO can keep up the pace of these novels, even though Alan Ball has left as showrunner and the current series has almost nothing to do with the original books. I’m looking forward to reading this story and finding out if Eric and Sookie end up together in the end…


Tune in next week– same bat time, same bat blog –for more of the Lit Nerd’s Summer Reading…

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