Music Tuesdays: The Music of Doctor Who

Confession: Sometimes, at the gym, I listen to the Doctor Who season 5 soundtrack and pretend I’m Amy Pond on a great adventure with the Doctor.

Power of Three, one of the less adventurous adventures.
Power of Three, one of the less adventurous adventures.

As I’ve mentioned before, in a previously written but yet unpublished post (wibbley-wobbley, timey-wimey) Whovians are an intense fandom. As a person new-to-Who, I’ve wholeheartedly embraced the Wholigan lifestyle, part of which, on occasion, causes me to sit and day dream to a Murray Gold soundtrack. Gold, award-winning English composer for Doctor Who (among other things) has served as music director for the television series since 2005. Along with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Gold has reinvented the timeless opening theme of Doctor Who with each new face of the Doctor. With a new series, doctor or companion, comes a unique set of chords on instruments that Gold uses to encapsulate the essence of a character and give audiences a song to hum at work and a ringtone to download.

The Doctor’s Themes

While my favorite theme of the series has to be the creepy, creepy kids singing “Tick Tock Goes the Clock,” I am equally in awe of the distinctive qualities each piece of music brings to a scene and to an individual. Gold uses vocals and an orchestral sound to accent with music the magical world of Doctor Who. For  fans who dream of life in the T.A.R.D.I.S., Gold’s musical stylings are one way that we can visit other worlds from the safety of our own headphones.

“Tick Tock Goes the Clock”

Interested in having a listen? Visit Spotify on your desktop to hear Murray Gold’s Season 4-6 Doctor Who soundtracks. Play the songs in order, and you’ll feel like you really are on that adventure of a lifetime.

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