Fanfic Wednesday: To Leave This World



Title: To Leave This World

Author: kitcat234          Word Count: 53876

Pairing: Hermione Granger x George Weasley

Warnings: Rated T for Mentions of Suicide

The Premise

Author’s Summary: As a 1st year healer in the Spell Damage ward, Hermione already has a lot on her hands, but when a new patient checks himself in with an unusual problem, she seems to have met her greatest challenge. Will she be the one to heal him when nothing else has?

My Thoughts

Omg, the Collectress has boarded a new ship??

Um, no, not really. I’ve secretly shipped GeorgexHermione for years, but as the Romione and the Harmony shippers seem to be firmly in charge of the fanfic world, I’ve let my ship anchor in a safe harbor. But, after J.K. Rowling’s announcement this week that Hermione should not have ended up with Ron Weasley, I couldn’t help myself. I sailed my ship, and proudly!

I read this fic a few years ago, and it’s stood out amongst the hundreds (more likely, thousands) of fics that I’ve read since. I like the atypical pairing of George and Hermione, and I really appreciated that the author chose to write this in a post-DH wizarding world. One of the biggest tearjerker moments in the book was, for me, the moment that Fred died. I often wondered how George coped with the world-without-Fred, and kitcat234 wrote that story for me. Now, I will admit, that at first I had trouble accepting George and Hermione’s relationship because she was his healer, but eventually I came to assume that Healer/patient relationships may not be frowned upon in the wizarding world (frankly, I can’t picture Hermione breaking the rules!).

This fic is fluffy and sweet in all the right ways. The best part? When George begins pranking again.

My Recommendation

Read this if you like post-war HP fics, if you love Hermione, or if you want to try one of the less popular Harry Potter ships. George’s humor and Hermione’s seriousness are a great mix. :)

Shipfully yours,

The Collectress

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Fanfic Wednesday: “Turn”

Don’t own this. But I love it.

Title: Turn

Author: Sara’s Girl

Word Count: 321,769

Rating: M

The Premise

The author has taken an older premise, (ever seen The Family Man?) and transformed it into something so distinctly Potteresque that I find it difficult to write about it without wanting to read it all over again. Harry Potter, now 37, is Head Auror and father of three. To the world, he’s got the life he wanted. We quickly see, however, that it’s a mirage. Every night he dreams of that one moment in sixth year, when things could have gone very differently for him and Draco. One night Harry take a walk, and a man name Boris offers him a glimpse into what might have been.  Harry’s glimpse into an alternate universe shows that if he and Draco had taken a different path after the infamous bathroom scene, they would have become the most important thing in the world to each other.

My Thoughts

Drarry was the first ship I’ve ever shipped, and it’s one that I sail often. I’ve a weakness for EWE (epilogue, what epilogue?) fics, but this author managed to be epilogue-compliant AND blast it out of the water at the same time. Kudos. What I loved most about this fic, however, is that Sara’s Girl approaches it from a very universal angle: we all have a moment in our past where we wish we had acted differently. Because it’s fanfiction, and anything is possible, Harry Potter gets the opportunity to do something different. And it makes all the difference.

This is a novel-length piece, and it is exquisitely written. This is the Harry Potter fanfiction that I will henceforth compare all HP fics to. It is so carefully crafted that its pacing made me want to rush through to read the end, but simultaneously fall into one of the gorgeous sentences and stay there forever. It’s got a little something for everything: AU, angst, fluff, slow-burn, sexy times, and, of course, Parseltongue. If you’re on the Drarry ship, you absolutely must read this one.

A sneak peek:

Stretching onto his side, he looks at the silver-framed photograph, mouth turning dry.

It’s a photograph of him, a much younger him, standing almost silhouetted against a backdrop of mountains and a vivid multi-colored sunset. He’s wearing a fine green cardigan-type garment, fitted jeans, and a beaming, slightly sheepish, smile. It seems to be a windy day, and every now and then photo-Harry lifts a hand to wipe his hair out of his face. He looks happy, healthy, carefree, and Harry doesn’t remember anything about it.

My Rating

A for the story. A for the writing. And another A for giving me everything I never knew I needed in a Harry/Draco fic. Strongly recommend this one if you are a Drarry fan.

Shipfully yours,

The Collectress

Supernatural Season 7: “The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo”

With all the “Dick” jokes we get during S7, it is refreshing to get a dose of girl power and with that, a character that isn’t trying to sex up one of our boys. Instead, Charlie Bradbury reflects some of the cooler women of the Supernatural fandom. We’re not all like Becky, Moose! In this episode, we meet Charlie, and with her hacker skills, video game/role playing obsessions, Lord of the Rings references, and a quick wit that keeps even Dean Winchester guessing, I was smitten with her as soon as she started snooping through her boss’ (Dick Roman, king Leviathan) files, after consulting the Hermione Granger bobble head for advice, or course.

Felicia Day as Charlie Bradbury.

Felicia Day as Charlie Bradbury, Defender of All Things Good.

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Hey Potterheads, We’re Getting Something New

The Internet: J.K. Rowling is planning on writing new films set in the Harry Potter universe.

Me: Shut the front door.

The Internet: No, really, it was scooped in the Los Angeles Times that–

Me: Shut the front door; shut the back door; shut the kitchen door; shut all the fucking doors.

The Internet: But–


The Internet: BUT–

Me: *shuts all the doors and victory dances*

All hail J.K. Rowling. (Photo cred: LA Times)

The Internet has exploded with the news that Harry Potter creator, J.K. Rowling, will be penning screenplays of the Harry Potter persuasion. Sadly, HP and pals will not be taking part in these films, as most of these will be set much before the story of the Boy Who Lived. The first confirmed film will be based on the fictional textbook, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” that Harry Potter and friends read from at Hogwarts.

Rumor has it that J.K. Rowling agreed to write the film because she didn’t believe anyone else could do Newt Scamander justice. I’d say she’s bloody well right to think that. “Fantastic Beasts” will be the first in a series of films that will further explore the Harry Potter world. No confirmation as yet if the Golden Trio will be in any film, but the Potterheads are probably too busy rejoicing to really give a damn at the moment.

As for me, I only have one thing I really want to say:

Dear J.K. Rowling,

Thank you.

I wasn’t quite ready to let go of my childhood, of which Harry Potter was a huge part. So thank you, for giving me the chance to never really grow up. 


A Reader who discovered her passion for writing because of Harry Potter


Whimsic Alley: L.A.’s Potterhead Haven

I do not own this image.

Six years ago, I met a girl in my nonfiction writing class, and I knew we were destined to be lifelong friends because she introduced me to Whimsic Alley, aka The Harry Potter Store. Originally located in Santa Monica, it has since moved to Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Need Hogwarts robes for a cosplay? It’s as simple as walking in the front door and yelling “accio robes!” (Okay, truthfully you have to walk into the costume room…)

House Slytherin FTW.

Robes, scarves, ties, sweaters…they even have Quidditch robes (broom not included).

Of course, they also have wands, hand crafted for the most picky witch or wizard. I’ve already got one, but when I stopped by the shop last weekend, that didn’t stop me from looking greedily at their collection. Beautifully crafted!

In addition to robes and wands, Whimsic Alley has a vast collection of Potterhead geekery. For example, I purchased a bumper sticker for my car that says “Hogwarts Academy Staff Parking Permit” (already got a dozen compliments) and a button that says “Horcruxes got soul” (get it?). In the “Room of Requirement,” you can find just about any knicknack or accessory to complete a HP cosplay. A friend of mine just bought a time turner to complete her Hermione Granger costume. It’s the little things that make the cosplay, you know.

I would rule the House of the Snake.

In addition to Harry Potter paraphernalia, Whimsic Alley also caters to other fandoms. Meaning that there are sonic screwdrivers, Khaleesi t-shirts, and “I Believe in Sherlock Holmes” badges to be had. They even had a life-size cardboard cut-out of Captain Jack Harkness that got more than one fangirl swooning.

It’s a haven for more than one type of nerd.

Which brings me to my favorite feature of the store: the parties. Every few months, the owners cater to the fandoms by throwing a themed ball. At the beginning of October, there will be a Masquerade ball. In November, a Time Lord’s Ball (eek!). There will, of course, be the Yule Ball in December and on NYE, the Winter’s Coming Ball (which I shall be attending, dressed as Cersei Lannister). The store also offers themed birthday parties for the young witch or wizard, and adult ones (I assume they serve Firewhiskey at those ones).

All in all, the store is a very Potteresque place to hang out. Even the Muggles would like it. The staff is very helpful–in fact, one very kind clerk helped me dig through a box of buttons until we found the last one with Martin Freeman’s face on it. So if you happen to be near Los Angeles, this store is a must-see.

-The Collectress

Disclaimer: All images are from the Whimsic Alley website. I merely borrowed them to show you their awesome wares.