Insidious Chapter 2 looks bloody scary!

Ready to scream? Insidious: Chapter 2 opens on Friday the 13th of September and it looks bloody scary! Patrick Wilson (Lakeview Terrace, Little Children, Hard Candy) and Rose Byrne (Marie Antoinette, Bridesmaids, X-Men First Class) come together in this sequel to director James Wan’s Insidious, ready to face some fairly creepy ghosts and god knows what else from that ridiculously frightening two and a half minute preview. In 2011, the original film became a horror sleeper success, grossing 100 million bucks worldwide and living out a happy retirement on Netflix. The Chapter 2 trailer made me want to pee my pants and if the sequel is any thing like number one, audiences are in for a few intense freak outs as well as the adorable Patrick Wilson dealing with some very creepy babies. If you’re into scary flicks and don’t mind having a few child-centric nightmares, head on out to theaters Fall 2013 and find out the secret behind the hauntings.


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