Diva Watches “Daredevil”: Episodes 1-3 Recap


Last week, I sat down with the express purpose of starting Marvel’s Daredevil and watching as many episodes that I could get away with in one go.  While I’m definitely a binge watcher during my work off season, I decided to review this particular show not as one big she-bang, but in parts over a series of weeks. This system relieves the pressure of having to binge watch the entire season, while allowing me to marinate on the themes and characters of this new Marvel phenomenon. Let’s get started, shall we?

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

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Geektivities: The Hollywood SciFi Museum is the Coolest Place You’ve Never Been To

The Hollywood SciFi Museum isn’t actually a museum.


If it was, it would be the first museum in the world to teach science and space travel through the history of scifi films, TV, art, literature, props, sets and costumes. I’ve been interested in the Hollywood SciFi Museum ever since I noticed the museum promoting on Twitter an attempt to get a black 1967 Impala (from Supernatural) to add to their collection. While the #ImpalaYes campaign hasn’t quite garnished the car, in my interview with Huston Huddleston at WonderCon 2015, the founder let me know that this is just one of many pieces they hope to acquire in the next few years, along with a space to showcase them all.

According to Huddleston, the SciFi Museum already has some pretty great pieces that travel the convention circuit all over the country, his favorite being the Captain Picard chair, the first museum piece the organization acquired. “We have both of the Enterprise bridges, the original series, Captain Kirk one, as well as the Next Generation Picard one and we have a replica of the TARDIS that was given to us that we’re still tinkering with to make it even better. The thing is, there are props that have been offered to us, we have an Iron Man and we have access to other props, but it’s better for us right now, until we have the museum open, that we have access to them as opposed to actually having them, because then we just have to store them.”


Huddleston is passionate about not only science fiction, but also about inspiring the public through the pop culture pieces he has access to. The Hollywood SciFi crew has visited over 30 conventions in the last two years and is currently looking to open a permanent location in North Hollywood. When asked about the possibility of a Southern California spot, Huddleston hinted that, even if the actual museum is a couple years from opening (they’re projecting 2018), the organization may have a temporary exhibit in a local science museum that caters to fans interested in both science fiction and popular culture.

We’re in the age of the nerd.

Huston Huddleston

The New Starship Foundation, is the non-profit organization behind this endeavor, which has earned over $90k through donations from fans to fund museum development. If you’re interested in donating, visit HollywoodSciFi.org or the kickstarter page for more information. Every level of donor receives an incentive prize as well as the joy of knowing you’ve helped bring a geeky dream to life!

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New Teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens AKA “Chewy, We’re Home”

First watch: STAR WARS
Second watch: CHEWY. HAN.
Third watch: Star Destroyers?
Fourth watch: That’s a present tense verb there, Luke.

Episode VII promises to be the Star Wars we’ve been waiting for over the past thirty years. Can’t wait for the release and need to prove your Star Wars geek factor? Try out this ridiculously difficult Star Wars quiz. (I’ve only got 17 right!) Star Wars: The Force Awakens will arrive in theatres Christmas 2015. Light speed, Chewy.

-The Collectress

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Game of Thrones Recap: “The Wars to Come”


Game of Thrones premiered Sunday night, and boy, what a way to start off the next nine weeks. We were immediately thrust back into a world where blood, backstabbing, and boobs reign—and we can already see the deliciously twisted story arcs that will dominate season 5.

Spoilers ahead.


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