That Geek Online Presents: A Jessica Jones Tutorial

The internet’s newest obsession is Jessica Jones,  a Netflix original series, and companion to Daredevil. We’ve been in love with Krysten Ritter since Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 , and we’re loving her even more as the bad ass private eye, and now, thanks to our expert in geeky aesthetics, we can look like her too! -TC


Katie is a makeup artist/blogger from the Great White North (AKA, good ol’ Canada). She spends her time creating YouTube videos, writing about anything that crosses her mind, and living vicariously through episodes How I Met Your Mother. You can check out her videos here. Or follow Katie on Twitter @thatgeekonline and at her Blog.


Superhero News: The “Civil War” Trailer Will Break You


Last week as soon as the “Captain America: Civil War” trailer dropped, my Twitter timeline was flooded with far-fetched film theories, budding ship wars and tears of despair for what looks to be a pinnacle shift in the story of Steve Rogers and the Avengers. The May 6, 2016 film release promises pain and there definitely seems to be no shortage of angst in the Avengers Tower. Natasha is worried, Bucky is broken, Tony is torn and Steve is as freedom-laden as ever. If you happen to live under a rock and haven’t seen the trailer, be sure to watch it below and tell us what you think in the comments.


C. Diva

Shipping Stucky like whoa over on Twitter and Tumblr.


Supernatural Recap: “Plush”

Banner by the Collected Mutineer

Banner by the Collected Mutineer

Episode 11×08 AKA “Why’d it have to be a clown?”

Well, the hellatus is over and Darkness is unleashed on the Earth in the form of a little girl. Crowley has become a guardian to Teh Dark Preteen; Sammy was infected by the rage monster virus, and Castiel has been cured of his curse by Rowena. I’m guessing the Winchesters won’t be getting sunshine and puppies anytime soon…Warning there be spoilers ahead.

P.S. I’m not sorry for the format of this episode’s recap.

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May The Fandom Be With You: Star Wars Fanworks

Original artwork: Disney/Lucasfilm

Original artwork: Disney/Lucasfilm

Good Friday, Collectors!

As we head into the prequel trilogy of our epic CollectiveSmash Star Wars Rewatch, we thought we’d share with you some of our favorite fanworks in the galaxy. First up, some awesome fanart by LivioRamondelli on DeviantArt.

LivioRamondelli’s Star Wars Fanart.

Recced by the Collectiva Diva. This artist composed this piece as a “could have happened” moment in the SW films. The idea of Darth Maul taking a leisurely stroll on Tattooine, using his light saber as a walking stick, is an image that is simultaneously terrifying and beautiful. We love this colour scheme. 

Darth Maul on Tattoine by livioramondelli on Deviantart. Posted with permission of the artist.

Darth Maul on Tattoine by livioramondelli on Deviantart. Posted with permission of the artist.

This second piece by this artist depicts the Emperor Palpatine arriving on a newly conquered planet. It’s as cold and sinister as the emperor’s soul. We love it. 

Raise Your Weapon by sarsaparillia

Recced by the Collectress. An AU in which Anakin lives and betrays the Emperor Palpatine to protect his children. Luke and Leia are still separated at birth, with Leia being raised by Anakin and Luke by Padme. This story had me hooked at the first sentence, “The Rebellion didn’t start with a bang, but with a whisper.”

Troposphere by emmagrant01

 Author’s Summary: Set four years before the start of Rebels. Hera and Kanan struggle with their growing feelings for each other while chasing a criminal across the galaxy. Or, nine times they didn’t and one time they did…
Recced by the Collected Mutineer. (You probably recognise this author from her Johnlock fic, “A Cure for Boredom).

The Sith Who Brought Life Day by ophelia_interrupted

Author’s Summary: An Imperial officer loses a bet and has to get Darth Vader a present for Life Day.
Recced by the Collectress. You’ll never know how much joy this fic brought me. It depicts a life on the Death Star that proves that a job is just a job, and yet gives us the answer to a question long wondered by SW fans: how did Darth Vader learn who Luke was??? Highly recommended. 

Got any fanwork recs for us? Come find me on Twitter.

-The Collectress

HTGAWM S2xE09 Recap: “What Did We Do?”


I power watched season 1 of HTGAWM so that I could enjoy the second season live and, after discovering that I have a really disturbing obsession with the topic, I’ve decided to pen weekly reviews of this ground-breaking show. If you’re not caught up with the current season, visit Netflix and watch Season 1, then go to to watch season 2 with me. Enjoy!

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

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Doctor Who Review: “Face the Raven”


Dear DocBlogger:

Together we can solve any problem, I know that. He’s brilliant and I have complete confidence that he will come through. It’s what he does. What we do together. Lately I feel like I’ve been getting a little reckless, but it’s exhilarating! He’ll always come through in a pinch, right?

Invincible in Indiana


Dear Invincible:

Pressing your luck is never a good idea. One day your time will run out.



Spoilers ahead Sweetie…

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs you know what I’m going to say here. This should be the end for Ms. Clara Oswald. Not that I haven’t really enjoyed her. In fact, now that Face the Raven has us facing the music, I’m not sure I want Clara to go. If anything, this episode is preparing us for the inevitable.

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