New Who, Regeneration and Missing Matt Smith

The Doctor lands in Parliament Square [Flynet]

The Doctor lands in Parliament Square Friday [Flynet]

The countdown to new Who has begun and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. For the last twelve days, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman have traveled the world, from London to Rio, promoting series 8 of Doctor Who. This morning in Parliament Square, the TARDIS landed and London prepares for New Who this weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about the new season and will watch every Saturday ON MY OWN TV because I ordered a bunch of new channels to bring you timely TV talk for Fall. Still, while I have stayed positive and professional, this nostalgia started about ten seconds after crying my eyes out on Christmas 2013, like a good Wholigan.

I miss Matt Smith.

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Fanvid of the Week: “Fifty Shades of Johnlock”

Vidder: Victoria Holmes

Two days ago, the Spaniard and I went to see Lucy and were “treated” to the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey. (or is it Gray? who cares) We found it hard to stifle our giggles through the few minutes it was onscreen, and I found myself lamenting the use of such a sexy version of “Crazy in Love” for a film that I’ve really got no desire to see.

This fanvid fixes that. A ginormous thank you to the vidder, Victoria Holmes, for giving the Johnlock fans something to swoon over (The riding crop…my god). It’s well edited, the music is sexy and sensual, and well…all those intense (and extremely heterosexual) gazes are put to good use.

Special thank you to the Spaniard for showing me this vid. She says, “I’m obsessed with this trailer. The music is awesome. Screw Fifty Shades of Grey. GIVE ME JOHNLOCK OR GIVE ME DEATH.”

I feel the same way, darling.

-The Collectress


Happy Birthday Misha Collins, You Ridiculous Man

Happy 40th birthday Misha Collins!

You found our blog once, perhaps you will find us again as we take a few moments to count down the 6 reasons (for your 6 years on SPN) we love you.


Misha Collins in Haiti with Random Acts

Misha Collins in Haiti with Random Acts

Your work with Random Acts inspires people all across the globe to do something nice for a stranger without expecting anything in return. Last year on your bday, the Collectress and I peppered the mall parking lot with friendly love notes on car windows. This year, we went out for a lovely lunch together (and I snuck the check).


Kitchenware Couture Pirate Wedding photo cr: The Spaniard

Kitchenware Couture Pirate Wedding photo cr: The Spaniard

The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen was the most fun I’ve had with my friends all year long. You inspired us to create art, to laugh and to give back to our community.My dad walked me down the aisle for my vow renewal, which he didn’t get to do the first time. I also made a PowerPoint presentation about Jared Padalecki’s hair.

Thanks for that.

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Fanfic Wednesday: Kitten!Fics (and I’m not sorry)


With our emotionally (physically, mentally) draining Big Bang stories written and submitted last week, plus all the personal and professional changes coming in the near future for Team Collective, I figured a few, well timed kitten!fics full of fluff and sweet and NO ANGST might be necessary. I couldn’t pick a ship, so we are visiting 3 this week.

1) Johnlock

Title: Can’t Say No

Author: cold_feet

Characters: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

Word Count: 1111


The author’s description: John comes out of the kitchen brandishing a package of HobNobs. “Sherlock, if you think I’m going to mind after her, you, whatever it is you’re growing in the fridge, plus one of those–” In which Sherlock and John have a daughter. And kittens, apparently.

My Thoughts:

Kittens, babies and domestic Johnlock? Yes, please sir, may I have another? Thanks to my dear Collectress, who shared with me this most adorable Johnlock kitten!fic when she knew I needed it.

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The Collectress Picks 5: ALS Ice Bucket Challenges

Unless you’ve gotten kicked off your wi-fi one too many times, beaten all your technology into pulp, and then tossed it into Mordor, you’ve probably seen one of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” videos.

For those who don’t know, the Ice Bucket Challenge supports the ALS Association, which is a nonprofit organization devoted to fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease. The premise of the challenge is this: donate money to the ALSA or get a bucket of ice water dumped on your head, and then you challenge 3 more people to do the same. Many celebrities have  taken this to heart, taking the ice bucket challenge as well as donating money to the organization.

So here are my 5 favorites. Some celebrities have gotten quite…creative.

1. Robert Downey, Jr.

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