Fanfic Wednesday: 13 Halloween Fics


Happy All Hallows’ Eve, shippers! This week, I’m bringing you thirteen fics  to sink your fangs into as you get into the spooky spirit. They’re grouped by fandom, with the author’s summary included as well as a little blurb about each by one of the Collective Team. Ships are labelled, warnings mentioned, and if you need a spooky playlist, click here.

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let me feel your danger by ohmyloki

Pairing: Darcy/Loki

Author’s Summary: This is her chance to stop it before it goes too far and she can’t take it back. She’s standing on the precipice and one more word from her could either send her plummeting over the edge or pull her back to safe ground.

Darcy dresses up as Lady Loki for Halloween and runs into the man himself.

My Thoughts: I wouldn’t have figured this pairing to be as sexy as it was but hot damn! I want a god of mischief to have his wicked way with me. Continue reading

I Stand With Emily: A Look at the Very Real Threat of Cyberbullying

In the past, the Collective blog has addressed issues such as nerd privilege and the way that sometimes being in a fandom can hurt us. Today, however, I’m presenting an issue that extends to every user of the Internet: cyberbullying.

This is not something that only affects teens. This is not only the title of an ABC Family movie. This is not a myth.

Cyberbullying—sometimes known as cyberharassment or cyberstalking—carries much of the same definition as traditional bullying. Dan Olweus, a Norwegian researcher who is recognised as the leading scholar on bullying, defines cyberbullying as “bullying performed via electronic means such as mobile/cellphones or the internet” (1). ‘Traditional’ bullying, he defines as “using three components: (1) aggressive behavior with negative actions, (2) a pattern of behavior over time, and (3) an imbalance of power or strength” (2). We most frequently associate these actions with children and adolescents, but this is not always the case. Continue reading

The Walking Dead: “Four Walls and a Roof” and the Inevitability of Death


S05xE03 “Four Walls and a Roof”

With 3 missing members and enemies surrounding the proverbial gates, tensions are high within the Tribe. While the Tribe has settled their interpersonal issues, connections with the living continue to be fraught with suspicion and violence. Once again, our group is underestimated in what they are willing to do to survive, pushing the boundaries of sanity and morality. With the general mistrust of Gabriel, the imminent threat of the Terminus tribe, Abraham’s desire to get to D.C., the members of Tribe are pushed to a breaking point. To remain safe and strong, Rick and the group will have to not only figure out what they want out of their own future, but what they are capable of doing to make it happen.

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie!

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Marvel Announces Phase 3 Through 2019


Marvel announced the Phase 3 lineup today, and golly gee is the internet excited.

Coming on the heels of the unconfirmed gossip that Benedict Cumberbatch with play “Doctor Strange”, we now know, without a doubt, that Cap 3 is indeed titled Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity Wars is a two-parter, and there will be a Black Panther film coming in 2017, starring Chadwick Boseman, star of 42: The Jackie Robinson Story


Marvel also plans to give us a female superhero lead in Captain Marvel and, according to Captain of the good ship Marvel, Kevin Feige, the “events of the whole cinematic universe will make all governments in the world want regulation. Not so much about secret identity, but about who reports to who.”

Sounds exciting, Cap! May I call you Cap?

xoxo The Collectiva Diva

Title Cards under the break…

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Cosplay and Culture at MCM London Comic Con


We’re still touchy about San Diego Comic Con. We just wanna be where the people are.

I am happy to say that our frustration on that front has not stopped us from attending other conventions, the most recent being MCM London Comic Con. While the one and only Collectiva Diva was sorely missed, the Collectress and I had a lovely time surrounded by some of the best cosplayers we’ve ever encountered. Though the con left some things to be desired (or maybe we’re just spoiled), the highlight of the day was definitely the elaborate and inventive costuming. Browse the gallery below to see some of our favorites. Continue reading