GishWHes 2015: Day One


The hunt is on. Team Mutiny in the Impala consists of today’s boldest and brightest, and we play to win. Or at least for kale.

The day began early for me, as the list went up at 6am California time. The Mutineers met in the team chat and began to try and organize the mayhem that is GiSHwheS. Back in the real world, I invited team SoCal over to my house to get started on shopping, collecting, begging and laughing our asses off.

You haven’t lived until you’ve enjoyed a serious discussion between sock-monkey-hat-wearing friends about dog armor and weaponry in the middle of the 99 Cents Store.

At some point, I started checking chat again, and watched as my friends in England marked 5 items of their task list before I had even found my eye patch.We had a couple of girls on a road trip– and yeah, I got a text from the White House today. With members all over the Continental United States and a good number overseas, we’ve got a bunch of timezones covered, which means the Mutineers are pretty much a 24-hour team.

Which is awesome.

The Collectress, the Spaniard and I have discovered the joys of Dubsmash, and so we’ve been sending them to our gishers all day, as encouragement and a break in the monotony of creating 60 bookmarks for our mobile free library, which to say, wasn’t monotonous at all.

The most meaningful moment for me today was deciding to go visit Nan, who passed away about a month ago. I wrote her something and left her a sock monkey hat and one of the books from the mobile library in my car. Last year, Nan helped me with two GisHWhes items and I know she would have worn the hat, had I asked her. The afternoon sun burned my shoulders, but the grass felt nice, and I sat by her grave for a while, enjoying the reprieve.

Tonight, I’m tired. I’m excited. Tomorrow, I plan on trying my hand at sand art.

If I were to sum up my day in one word it would have to be: Beginning

Chuck help us all, it’s GiSHWEs Week.

Mutineer Diva

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‘Lunch With Lecter’ Podcast Episode 8: “The Great Red Dragon”

lunch with lector_2

Banner Art by The Spaniard

Hello Fannibals and welcome to the “Lunch With Lecter” Podcast featuring C. Diva and Jeremy Caesar. In this broadcast, we discuss Season 3 Episode 8 of NBC’s Hannibal. 

Enjoy a three-course discussion and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

There will be spoilers, so don’t listen if you haven’t seen “The Great Red Dragon” S3xE08 of Hannibal.

Stay hungry, my friends.

xoxo C. Diva

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Nerd Travels: London Theatre Part II

The Mutineer and I are a bit obsessed with the theatre. We’re starving students, and the theatre is cheaper than the cinema (sometimes), so what are a couple of fangirls to do on a Saturday night? We’ve been traipsing about the West End quite frequently of late for, um, writing research. So here’s a few shows to hit up the next time you’re in London or it comes to your city.

The Book of Mormon

book of mormon

This is, hands down, the funniest play I’ve ever seen. It’s irreverent, sacrilegious, and guaranteed to offend somebody.

The creators of South Park bring us the story of Elder Price, a young Mormon boy who is about to leave on his two year mission for the Church. He hopes to be sent to Orlando, but is sent to northern Uganda instead, accompanied by the overeager Elder Cunningham. What follows is a crisis of face, and the most interesting retelling of the book of Mormon that you’ll ever hear. I guarantee it.

I found this play to be so damned blasphemous, that I saw it twice. You can see it at the Prince of Wales theatre. 

Les Miserables

les mis

This show has been running for thirty years, and for good reason. The music is evocative, the staging is imaginative, and the cast is memorable.  It’s tragedy amidst one of the most volatile points in European history, and it has one hell of a soundtrack.  (I was singing along to it for weeks afterward!)

You can see Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theatre.

Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” at the Globe Theatre

the globe

What kind of literary nerd would I be if I didn’t go to the Globe at least once?

I was a “groundling” (an affectionate term for those attendees who are in the standing area throughout the play), and I loved it. Before the play begins, the chorus comes out and performs music and dances from the Renaissance period, and occasionally, messes with the crowd on the ground. One of the performers offered to “sell” one of the female dancers to me, for the bargain price of ten gold coin!

Although the play I saw, The Merchant of Venice, has since closed, it’s haunted me for months. It’s a masterful tragicomedy, and yes, I call it that, because the version I saw had me near weeping at the end of it, when the merchant is forced to convert to another religion.

Next you’re in London, go to the Globe. It’s only 5 quid to be a groundling.

Theatre in the Park: “Peter Pan”



This version of Peter Pan followed Barrie’s story closely, but added the tension of a 1914 WWI backdrop to create a fantastical but heart-wrenching tale. The Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park is a great venue, mostly because the limited stage area means that the staging, costuming, and props become creative, imaginative, and resourceful. I was particularly impressed by the costuming and puppetry–Tinkerbell was a lantern maneuvered around the stage by an actress, and the crocodile was repurposed props, maneuvered by actors in uniform.

While Peter Pan has closed for the season, the Open Air Theatre is now showing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. 

American Idiot

american idiot

I’ve listened to Green Day’s music for my entire life. That is not an exaggeration, and for many of their fans, it’s the truth. One of the biggest rock bands in the world has influenced generations, and it was only a matter of time before their music became a musical. As a GD fan, I’m glad that the band put the musical together, rather than a nostalgic theatre major two decades down the road.

This musical is in London for a limited time, and if you can, go see it. It’s nostalgic, it’s political, it’s emotional, it’s revolutionary. In short: this is everything about Green Day that made them the musical powerhouse they are today.

Until next time, rock on.

The Collectress

For more about London, check out our Nerd Travels posts.

Fanfic Wednesday: “Draconian”


So, I’ve been playing with a new fanfic site: Wattpad. I’m having a lot of fun over there, reading and posting and figuring things out. (Come stalk me Follow me if you want.) This week, I’m bringing you a pairing I’ve never recced before, because, hey, I started reading this and I never want to stop. 

Draconian by hepburnettes (on Wattpad)

Status: W.I.P.
Pairing(s): Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger
Warnings: Copious angst, PTSD, mental health triggers, torture, some sexual situations

Author’s Summary

Draco Malfoy has got too much blood on his hands. And Hermione Granger might be his only route to redemption.

My Thoughts

Confession: I’ve never read Dramione before.




As a gal who grew up reading HP fanfic, it may be surprising that it’s taken me so long to get around to one of the fandom’s most popular pairings, but in truth, I think I was just waiting for the right fic.

“Draconian” lured me in because it’s tagged “dystopian,” and let’s be real: I’m a sucker for dystopia. It kept me engaged because it’s a story I haven’t read before: a world where Potter lost and the Dark Lord prevailed, a Death Eater Draco who finds a tortured Hermione and hides and protects her. It’s got all the angst that I love, with a twist of action and intrigue, but the real icing on the cake is the tenderness that Draco shows to Hermione. I don’t even care that it’s W.I.P.

Read if you’re a fan of Dramione or HP fic.

-The Collectress

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5 Reasons You Should Watch “Spartacus”


Netflix is a dangerous beast. It sucks you in, and before you know it you’ve watched an entire season of a show you never knew you needed in your life. And it happens over and over and over. The latest show to ensnare me and the Collectress is the very NSFW Spartacus. The Starz show only lasted three seasons spanning 2010-2013, and I’m sorry to say that the only reason I knew of its existence was the sad passing of the first actor to play the titular role, Andy Whitfield. But I’ve been properly sucked in now, and I wouldn’t change that for a minute. Here are five reasons why you should join us in our pit of hot naked men current obsession.

Some items on my list are as NSFW as the show itself. Proceed with caution. This is definitely not your grandma’s Spartacus.

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